Getting it right

Sir John Moore
B: 13th November 1761
D: 16th January 1809
Battle of Corunna

Over the past decade my research and my interests haven’t so much changed as narrowed. By which I mean that, whereas I was covering a very broad spectrum, I now concentrate my efforts on military and local history. Trying to keep a website and blog that covered everything that caught my eye and peaked my curiosity, from the 18th century through to the 2nd World War, was stressful and killed my enjoyment.

I’m a Redcoat, and at my happiest spending time between about 1714 and 1902. I am interested in the men, rather than the events, so you won’t find posts about strategy, tactics, et al. You will find posts about soldiers, regiments, and great tales of daring-do. You will also find the amazing and brave women who accompanied them.

In the background, I continue with my local history group, and also the Then and Now pictures which I hope you will enjoy. I’ll try to respond to requests regarding hometowns, and so forth, but they will take a backseat to my main research.

I hope you enjoy the website as it moves forward.

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